Getting Started

Here is the information we need to provide a firm price quote to have a goat herd to clear your land.

What we need to know

Please send the following information by email to [email protected].

1. The size of the property to be cleared. You can provide the length and width of property or the exact acreage.

2. Tell us a little about the vegetation on the property. For  example the property may be primarily covered by blackberries, grass,  etc. Tell us about any toxic plants you may know about such as,  rhododendron, oleander, azalea, or other ornamental shrubbery.

3. Describe the topography of the land. Tell us if the land is flat or has a steep slope.

4. Provide the address of the property and directions if the land may be difficult to find.

5. Let us know the date you would like the land grazed.

6. Please send digital photos of the site if possible; they are  very helpful. You can e-mail these photos to [email protected].

7. Please confirm that the land is accessible by a ute and trailer or let us know how faraway adequate parking for the our vehicles will be.

Additional questions

If you have additional questions please refer to our FAQ page. Or you could call Elisabeth, the chief goat herder, on 04 4823 5577.  Frequently the goat herderis in the field tending to the goat herd and not at a desk. If you call please follow up with an email and  include the necessary information. We will respond to your e-mail within  24 hours.