What areas do you work in? 

Our business is located in the Bega Valley, on the south  coast of NSW. We service an area within maximum three hours drive from our  home base.

Will the goats get away and become ferals?

The goats are fenced in with highly powered electric netting and are looked after daily by the herder and the herd dog. We do not use billy goats (bucks) as they are the most notorious escapees and cause trouble within the herd. Our goats are trained wethers and does who respect the netting and enjoy their job.

Will they eat threatened plants?

The herder will survey the area for threatened plants prior to letting the goats in. If threatened plants are found, they will be protected with special netting to stop the goats from getting to them.

Will dogs, dingoes or foxes attack the goats?

The electric netting is an effective deterrent for goat predators. In addition, the wrangler and the herd dog are always present to protect the goats.

Will they destroy habitat for wild animals?

Goats will not destroy habitat beyond their reach (bird nests, possum dreys, tree hollows etc) and are gentle on the soil. During the initial survey, the herders will search for habitat features on the ground and make sure these are protected.

What about ground habitat?  (hollow logs, ground nests etc. )

The goat herder will look for these features and make sure they are protected. Goats are far less damaging and invasive than any of the alternatives such as fire, chemicals or heavy machinery.